Life with an Addictive Personality

By a Recovering Addict

“We are addicted to our thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.” by Santosh Kalwar

Welcome, I have decided to write a blog in order to help combat my addictions, with hope of also helping others with their own. I also aim to educate readers with family members or friends with addiction, in understanding this illness better.

Throughout my life I have suffered from various addictions. Some of which I have recovered from, others of which I am still battling today. In my blog I intend to cover the addiction that I am facing, the steps I take to overcome it and my thoughts and feelings throughout the full process. I will also record any relapses, if taken place. I believe in being true to myself and to the readers. In addition to this there will also be blogs that will cover addictions I have faced previously and how they were put to a final stop.

I really hope my blog will help readers, whether that be someone battling addiction, a person trying to help someone close to them recover from the illness. Or a person reading this and finding it difficult to admit to themselves that they are an addict. The hardest thing I ever did was admit to myself and to my family that I was an addict. It is, the first vital step. Of course it’s not as easy as only doing this to overcome the illness. However, how you will feel within yourself for finally being honest, will help you move forward. No more lies is a great feeling.

My intention now, is to face off each addiction one by one starting with what I believe to be for me the most problematic. That addiction is ‘Gambling’.

I invite you reader on this journey with me.

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